The Safety Tips page has been created in order to help you have a safe and enjoyable experience while using the YouLiveNow social networking website. Our goal is to offer the YouLiveNow social networking community a service where friends and family can interact within the guidelines set forth in our Terms of Service. Although the YouLiveNow service offers features for reporting  content that violates our Terms of Service or is otherwise deemed inappropriate, there is no assurance you will not encounter such content while using YouLiveNow.


The following link is provided to ensure user safety and enjoyment.  Click the following link:

Members are able to "Flag" Live broadcast by simply clicking on the  flag located on the the live views section of a users profile and by clicking the abuser’s name in the Chat Room list. When you "Flag" a Live broadcast, you are required to select the appropriate reason why, or leave a comment by selecting upload screen shoot option its then sent to our staff for review.
Designate a Room Moderator
A Room Moderator is a user, designated by a room Host, who has the ability to "Kick" members from a Chat Room, in order to ensure that Chat Room rules are met. You can designate a user to be a room moderator by clicking on the user’s name in the Chat Room list; the option to Make Moderator will clearly be visible. You can also un-designate a room moderator in the same way.
You can "Kick" offensive users from your Chat Room by clicking on the offensive user’s name in the Chat Room list and selecting "Kick User." If you designate a room moderator, he/she who will also have the ability to Kick offensive users from your Chat Room. Kicks usually last for one hour.
Host Chat Settings
Change your chat settings To Anonymous ."By unticking the box This will restrict your Chat room to only users that are logged in.
Friend Request Settings

If you want to manually approve all Friend Requests, you must ensure that your Friend Request settings on your edit page are not set to Auto-Approve,

do that half way down your edit page,