Welcome to Youlivenow.tv Admin Blog

Site is coming along great we are currently working on the new directive system the old one was junk. we want to add ban unban mute and kick features to all chat rooms the boot strap error is still there this will require a site shut down after the first of the year. we are doing what we can while we wait we are also expanding the video system this week we got over loaded rico will be to fix that Friday. We are only set for 1024 connections we are going to 8000 when he is done. The video-house project is going well I have more help. if you see lea or duke on the site say hi there good people they hold the same Microsoft clearance I have so I am not worried about anything. I will be back here after bootstrap error is corrected with more updates until then enjoy and most of all have fun remember the site can only get better !!!!!! :)