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April is a very busy month of us at JS-Programming with all the software and projects taking off This site has come a long way in the past 2 months the chat system is working as it should video system is getting better as we adjust and add modules we know about the friend request user interface issue (we will resolve this soon). We also know about the wonky cam-locks this is a time adjustment issue that we are currently working on, The video latency is better but I know it can be better. Subscribe option is ready for some small testing we also have the Featured Channel notification setup this should be added after we do testing and fine tune the system. Stick with us as we make the site better everyday and again thank you for using youlivenow we value all our users. If you have any questions please send me a message by going to my profile http://www.youlivenow.tv/users/jay click contact I will answer any questions you have or if you see showtesting channel on come in and chat with us we will be glad to chat with you. Thanks YouLiveNow Team !!