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New features coming up

Media zone allows users to post pictures, documents, videos on there channel page----record feature allows users to record there streams for later playback----pdvr users and chatters can rewind the broadcast no matter what time they enter the room---youtube video this will allow you to play youtube videos on your channel----html 5 video system is a platform that doesn't use adobe flash player.

Age Limit - Asked as my broadcast is family friendly.

<p>I currently broascast on YouNow.com the age limit is 13 and up. I am sure much thought has gone into choosing the 18 and up age. I ask because my disaility awareness broadcast is family friendly, and I do not know who is what ages out of my 4,800 fans/followers I will be asking them to join me here if they wish to keep watching. Maybe a 15 and up. I ask because disability does not have any age restrictrctions. If 18 is it, then I will work with that.</p>

this is not a feature request or idea

we cant change the age limit on the site because it is based in the uk. the law states no one under 18 can broadcast live on private stream sites you want your younger viewer on this site they can come as guests in your room sorry but I cant change the age limit