The following are some basic answers to the most commonly asked questions about broadcasting on youlivenow.tv.

Q. How do I send a private message a user?

A. You can click a name in the chat room your in and hit whisper.  Or just visit a user profile and goto live views section under stream and hit message icon

Q: Do I have to pay to use youlivenow.tv?

A: No, There is no charge to use the site.


Q: Can I broadcast with a 3rd party software?

A: Youlivenow.tv is a RTMP site and does require a HD encoder. (Most popular software found in RTMP Broadcasters guide).


Q: How do I broadcast?

A: You just copy and paste your RTMP code and stream key into any 3rd party encoder or the sitecaster and start your stream.


Q: Where is my stream key?

A: Your stream key and RTMP code are in your edit page highlighted in orange


Q: How do I add friends?

A: You can add friends by clicking the "Add Friend" button in the liveviews section under the video player. Friends can access Private Shows when we launch the private shows feature.


Q: How do I add a profile picture?

A: You go into your edit page and use the "profile pic" uploader and upload a pic. Size is 100 x 100. Then click save at bottom of page.


Q: How do I add a background to my channel?

A: In your Edit page at the bootom under custom background. Click Browse and upload your chosen background and then click save at bottom of page.


Q: How do I add a banner?

A: In your Edit page down towards the bottom. Click Browse and upload your chosen banner (size next to uploader) and then click save.


Q: How do I contact admin or a moderator?

A: If you need a site Moderator simply click the use the contact us or report form on site.


Q: How do I get my show featured?

A: Moderators pick shows for feature, but you can send an e-mail to admin@youlivenow.tv and will pass your show times to Moderators.


Q: How do I get advertising on the front page?

A: Chuck us an email at sales or admin@youlivenow.tv.


Q: Can I rebroadcast another channel?

A: Yes, rebroadcasting of another users show is  permitted as stated in the Terms of Service unless the owner sends us proof its copyrighted.


Q: Can I add my own photos and music and links to my channel?

A: Yes, as long as they do not violate any site rules or TOS.